FLHCC Diabetes Project
Palm Beach County Public Schools (PBCPS) 
Steps to get started:
Step 1:   View the education video.  This is required to prior to enrollment.
Step 2:   Complete all enrollment documents. 
Step 3:   Email all of the enrollment documents to DiabetesProject@FLHCC.ORG  
Once enrolled, you will be required to do the following: 
Step 1:   Provide the program staff your Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) level two times during the program.
                    A.   At baseline or beginning of program
                    B.   Any other time during the 12 month program. 
Step 2:   Complete the monthly log!
Step 3:   Complete surveys quarterly! 
               A.   Quarter 1 (Will be posted later.)
               B.   Quarter 2  (Will be posted later.)
               C.   Quarter 3  (Will be posted later.)
                    D.   Quarter 4  (Will be posted later.)
Step 4:   View another educational video at 6 months.  This will be posted later. 
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Updated 3/7/2016

PBCPS Diabetes