FLHCC Diabetes Project
Members of Independent Colleges and
University Benefits Association (ICUBA)
Monthly Logs 
The first 3 months of log's are posted.  Additional months will be posted later.
For the log, please do your best to complete them online using the links provided below.
Month 1      Click here for file, if needed.
Month 2      Click here for file, if needed.
Month 3      Click here for file, if needed. 
Additional months will be posted in the future.
Please note, you cannot save any information on the forms on the website. You will have to download the form, save it on your local computer, complete the form, and email them to DiabetesProject@FLHCC.ORG. Make sure your name and organization are listed on all your forms.

Updated 3/7/2016

ICUBA Monthly Logs