FLHCC 23rd Annual National Conference
The Health Care (R)Evolution: Building the Health Rosetta
April 28, 2016 
Session Titles 
Below is a listing of the Plenary Sessions that were offered.
  • Building the Health Rosetta
  • FLHCC Members' Health Rosetta Worthy Programs
  • New Models of Value Based Care
  • The Intensifying Pharmacy Benefits Storm:  9 Things You Can Do to Succeed and Thrive
  • Transparent Medical Market:  What It Is and How It Solves Health Care's Most Vexing Problem
  • The Shifting Health Care Consumerism Landscape
  • Health Care Transparency and a New Era for Consumers
  • 2016 and Beyond - Increase Your Self Insured Opportunities Through Innovative Cost-Containment and Creative Alternatives

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