Employers Who Care About Health Care 
November 14, 2013


Jeanette Schreiber, JD, MSW

Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs & Chief Legal Officer

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine


Celebrating 30 Years of Quality Improvement: Founding Members Presentation


Tracy Swanson

Vice President Benefits, Health & Workforce Solutions

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and

FHCC Vice Chair of Programs/Education


Cynthia Schindele

Benefits & Wellness Representative

Lockheed Martin


Florida Health Care Coalition: 2014 Education and Research Agenda


Karen van Caulil, PhD

President and CEO

Florida Health Care Coalition

            If you are interested in additional information about the program Mike Sammons from Quest Analytics Group spoke about, please contact FHCC at info@flhcc.com or 407-425-9500. 



Brian Klepper, PhD

Chief Development Officer




FHCC Member Success Stories:



Patrick Peters

Benefit & Wellness Administrator

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners and

FHCC Vice Chair of Membership


The School District of Palm Beach County


Dianne Howard

Director of Risk & Benefits Management

                     The School District of Palm Beach County

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