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How Employers Can Tackle the Opioid Epidemic in Their Workplace

By Janet Poppe, Senior Director, Payer and Employer Relations; Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. With recent CDC reports indicating 91 Americans die per day from an opioid overdose, it’s evident that our nation’s struggle with opioid abuse and addiction has reached epidemic proportions. The effects of this crisis have placed unparalleled social and economic stress on communities across the country, state and federal legislatures, and our healthcare system at large. Now, a new tool can hel...

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Janet Poppe, Senior Director, Payer and Employer Relations; Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 5/8/2017 Comments(0)

Payment Reform Models in Oncology Care & Management

Authored by Mary Seery Cancer Treatment Centers of America National Director of Business Markets With everything going on in the world of politics, policy and health care, I am certain that oncology payment reform is not on the top of your mind – but maybe it should be! Years ago when I began working for a large health care system focused on oncology, I would not have bet and I am a bettor , that payment reform would so quickly have reached the complex world of oncology – but it has ...

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Mary Seery, National Director of Business Markets for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) 2/20/2017 Comments(0)

8 Questions to Ask Your Health Plan About Employer Reporting

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS , The $2.9 trillion we spend annually on healthcare—a whopping $9,200 per person—isn’t necessarily buying us the best care or ensuring good health. 1 At least two decades of statistics suggest there is an inverse relationship between employer health costs and employee health status. After all, research from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance increased 203 percent bet...

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Heather Lavoie, Chief Strategy Officer, Geneia 1/5/2017 Comments(0)

Help Determine Important Measures for Leapfrog's New Hospital Survey!

I just left Washington, D.C. where The Leapfrog Group held their annual meeting and presented the Top Hospitals Awards. In Florida we were lucky to have 11 hospitals receive this recognition. During the meetings we discussed a new proposed measure for the Hospital Survey. To see all the proposed changes, click here . As you will see in Section 3, Structural Measure 1: Minimum Volume Standards for Safety , they are addressing the strong relationship between volume and outcomes for both an individ...

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Ashley Tait-Dinger 12/21/2016 Comments(0)

Carving Out Mail Order, Specialty and Rebates

A Monthly Blog Series - #5 of 5 So far, in my series Weathering the Rx Storm , I’ve reviewed how to improve your PBM contract , how to develop a strong formulary & effectively manage benefits design and how to engage employees in new models . If you haven’t been following my series, then I recommend reading the first four blogs for a well-rounded look at saving money on pharmacy benefits. Today, in the final blog of this series, I’ll focus on the advantages of carving out m...

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Tim Thomas 11/16/2016 Comments(0)